Pros and cons of keeping a cat in a closed system

Pros and cons of keeping a cat in a closed system

As the era changed, the way cats raised today also change over time. It originally raised for cats to play freely, wherever they wanted, also known as release. In this day and age, many cat owners choose to feed them with a closed system, and the popularity of this closed cat system is also increasing. Which cat owner should we choose? Anyone who hasn’t chosen to follow us can continue reading this article.

What close system cat breeding?

It is easy to say that it is easier to keep a cat indoors without letting them play outside. It reduces the danger from outside the house. because being in the house is less injured or harmed than outside the house. cetecc recommends getting a cat

It is easy to say that it is easier to keep a cat indoors without letting them play outside.

Advantages of keeping a closed system cat

• Reduce the likelihood of injury: Injuries are more common in accidents, where accidents are more common in cats than accidents involving car crashes (especially at night), as well as attacks from dogs and other dangerous animals such as snakes, rather than cats raised in closed-system homes.

• Reduce the chance of loss: Many times when a cat visits outside and does not return. This wouldn’t have wanted anyone to happen to the cat we love. Keeping cats closed helps to reduce this problem very well.

• Reduce the likelihood of contracting a serious contagious disease in cats: Cats that raised on a release do not only more likely injured than cats that have raised the closed system. There is also a chance of contracting various serious contagious diseases from fighting when out of the house. Whether it’s leukemia in cats. Cat AIDS, which has the potential to cause death.

• Reduce the likelihood of addiction to different types of parasites: Other members of our family will also be less infected with cats than released cats. If a family member is a pregnant mother or a small child, This is just as important as any thing.

• Longevity: Cats that feed the closed system. found to live longer than those raised in the closed system up to 17 years or more. Cat owners who raised in a closed system will have the opportunity to notice any abnormalities that occur to them early and take them to treatment faster than those raised in release.

Disadvantages of keeping a cat, close system

• Obesity or overweight: The cause of obesity is due to lack of physical activity because it runs less than cats that are raised on a release, plus eating food that can be done throughout.

• Other diseases: Such as diabetes, which is the cause of diabetes, which is caused by obesity. In addition, the problem of obesity can cause problems for cats to find arthritis.

• Fall accidents: This is especially focused on cat owners living in condominiums. Be sure to check the window doors in the room every time you close them well. Because the naughty cat may have climbed into an accident.

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